Hi um. My name is Paul annnddddd I'm 19. I hope you will use this information to help you increase the quality of your life.

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Cat Butts (this is my ask no one seems to understand that)

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psssst hey

give me money


can i just build a bunch of legos and submit them for final projects

adoxy replied to your post: how do i get people on okcupid to pay …

I got 2 sugar daddy offers in 2 days

ugh where my sugar mommas at

the trials of being a straight boy

how do i get people on okcupid to pay me hundreds of dollars

Anonymous: 21,23,71,80,93

guess we’re still doing this huh OK

  • 21. Do you like rough sex or intimate sex better? - somewhere in between is perfect for me tbh 
  • 23. When was the last time you had sex? ummm it was a few weeks ago i think??? i cant remember the exact date it was less than a month i know that
  • 71. Strangest sexual positon you’ve tried? it’s like the girl is on her back on the ground with the lower half of her body going up and i have to like lower myself wow that’s too much detail 
  • 80. Have you ever had sex with someone who wasnt your partner? chaa
  • 93. Have you ever experiented with the opposite sex? i mean im straight sooooo yeah


Reblog if ur white but u would make fun of/destroy other white people for notes and popularity

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i finally made an okcupid i cant wait to get peed on for hundreds of dollars

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